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Try These Workouts To Get Toned Legs

Leg Workout

Focusing the upper half of the body and ignoring the lower can leave your legs looking like chicken legs. You surely wouldn’t want anyone tease you with such names. Right? So, here is a workout that focuses on the lower part of the body to make it look beefy and in tandem with the upper part of the body. Try these leg workouts and let me know the changes you have experienced.

Walking Lunges With Dumbbells
Walking lunges with dumbbells

– It helps in the development of thigh muscles and makes your hips strong.
– Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart.
– Hold dumbbells in your hands.
– Take one step forward with one foot.
– Bring your knee as close to the ground as possible till it reaches a 90 degree angle with the ground
– Raise your body and bring back your foot and breathe out
– Do the same with the other foot
– Make at least 12 repetitions

A word of caution: To see whether you are doing it right or wrong, see that your knee stays at 90 degrees to the ankle when you lower your other knee towards the ground.

Calf Raises
Calf raises

These strengthen the calf muscles.

– Take a wooden block, stepper or anything which is about 2 inches higher than the ground
– Now hold dumbbells in both the hands and stand keeping your feet hip width apart
– Relax your arms
– Place the front part of your feet on the block while resting your heels on the block.
– Now pull your body weight up from the floor which means only your heels should be raised.
– Hold on to this position for a second
– Now lower your body
– Repeat this 10 -12 times

A word of caution: Keep your knees straight. You can bend them slightly when you stretch up.

Dumbbell Squats
Dumbbell squats

Squats help in toning both legs as well as the glutes.
– Hold dumbbells in your hands
– Keep your feet shoulder distance apart
– While holding those dumbbells, lower your body by bending your knees
– Breathe in as you bring your thighs parallel to the ground
– Hold on to this position for a second
– While breathing out, raise your body to the previous position
– Repeat this 10-12 times

A word of caution: Keep your breathing right to make this exercise effective.

Bench Step-ups
Bench Step-ups

It is a kind of compound exercise that works on various lower body muscles.
– Take a high rise bench or a high step
– Hold dumbbells in both the hands
– Now step up on the bench with the right leg.
– While the right foot rests on the bench, raise the left leg making a parallel angle with the left leg
– Now alter the leg. Bring the left leg on to the bench and raise your right leg
– Repeat this 20 times.

A word of caution: Keep your back straight and chest out

These help you have stronger, bigger legs. One has to keep patience while these exercises work on your body. But if you want quick results, use the best muscle builder supplements.


Know Why CrossFit Is For Everyone?

Why crossfit is for everyone

As people are getting more and more fitness conscious, they are looking for ways that can help them to stay fit and healthy. CrossFit is the most recent of all fitness methodologies that helps increasing the cardiovascular levels, stamina, flexibility, speed as well as strength of every individual whether young or old. Unlike, gym, aerobics and others, the goal of crossFit is not to achieve any particular ability with a certain set of moves, but a general physical fitness that is applicable on each and every one. The exercises involved in this kind of fitness trend include pushing, pulling, throwing, lifting, jumping, running and other cool home based workouts. Now the question is CrossFit for everyone can be answered by the following.

1. Fun Workouts: Many people feel lazy about exercising and workout, especially if following the same set of movements every day. CrossFit on the other hand, makes workout fun, as instead of following the same workout routine, the exercises involved in CrossFit are constantly varied making exercising fun and more relaxing. This is one of the primary reasons for CrossFit for everyone, as more people would love to work out if it is more fun than a typical routine.

2. Health For All: CrossFit can be called a sport of fitness as everyone following this methodology is treated like an athlete having a healthy competitive spirit and all athletes as we know are the healthiest of humans. They are serious about their nutrition and try to improve their sport with training themselves constantly. This also helps them to keep up with their shape. Everyone getting CrossFit training is treated like the same sports person and hence acquires a great fitness level.

3. Mimics Common Everyday Activities: The CrossFit exercises imitates daily activities like sitting and standing (squats), picking up things off the ground or carrying luggage from one place to other. Thus, each of these and other physical workouts involved in CrossFit help people to carry out their everyday activities smoothly and efficiently.

4. Provides A Team Atmosphere: since you will be performing the exercise in a group, you will find it much easier to push yourself to do better rather than while performing alone. People having the same ambition of getting fit are brought together to workout. CrossFit promotes an internal competition among the members of the group. In such an environment, everybody would want to execute their workouts exceptionally, hence facilitating their motivation of working out harder and getting good results.

As maintaining one’s fitness has become an important aspect today, CrossFit 4 everyone offers a platform for everyone big or small, young or old to work out together and stay in shape while having fun.

How Nitric Oxide (NO) Helps In Getting Ripped Muscles

Nitric Oxide (NO) Helps In Getting Ripped Muscles

ExtremeNo is loaded with L-arginine, on of the 20 essential amino acids needed by the body to synthesize proteins. It is the one that causes an upsurge in the nitric acid levels in the body to help it transport oxygen to the muscle tissues and make muscles strong, gain more strength and also get a ripped body. ExtremoNo contains L-arginine in the right amount and thus it becomes the most suitable supplement for all the budding bodybuilders and other athletes too.

What is the significance of Nitric Oxide (NO) for muscles building and what does it do?

Nitric acid has been studied extensively and found to benefit athletes immensely in boosting their performance. This is perhaps the reason that it has been added to a lot of health supplements in some form including XtremeNo. Wanna know more, read further:

NO Increases Rate Of Recovery

For a quick recovery, it is extremely important that the muscle tissues receive plenty of nutrients. Nitric acid does exactly that. It enhances blood flow towards the tissues by relaxing the smooth muscles. This allows more oxygen to reach the working muscles. This leads to rapid recovery and allows one to workout more frequently and develop muscles faster.

NO Fights Off Fatigue Efficiently

It is a normal symptom felt after working out. Nitric acid helps in fighting it effectively. As the muscles are worked out, the body becomes deficient of oxygen and lactic acid starts building up thus making one tired and feeling low. Due to the NO supplement, more oxygen reaches the muscle tissues, reduces lactic acid accumulation and hence reduces fatigue.

NO Improves Endurance

An athlete who wants to raise his endurance levels, nitric acid supplement is what he needs the most. The supplement is not just for the ones who want to enhance strength, but also for the ones who wish to improve their endurance performance. This is so as the latter too depends on the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissues. A sustained flow of oxygen helps in doing the activity without feeling tired. At higher altitudes, as the oxygen deficiency is common, it becomes even more important.

NO Makes Feel Energized 24/7

When the blood flow is right, it enables the body to maintain its temperature. Body temperature holds great importance during a workout. It rises during a workout and must be cooled down in the interest of the tissues. Proper blood flow makes it possible. This also implies that lesser energy is needed to maintain body temperature when working out and one can concentrate on the training without feeling low.

NO Makes Glucose Absorption Better

In a study by an American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, it was noticed that those who took nitric acid supplement had a higher rate of glucose uptake by the muscles as the exercise regime continued. It is good for people who wish to lose body fat as it promotes fat burn by increasing nonesterified fatty acid concentration and glycerol in the body.

Extra Muscle Pump

XtremeNo makes you have tight muscles after you complete an intense workout on triceps and biceps. You will have this for a longer version of time. Muscle pumps are resultant of higher blood flow to the muscle tissues which can happen only due to the nitric acid supplement.

XtremeNo boosts nitric acid levels in the body in the right amount.

What Women Need To Know About Body Building Supplements?

What Women Need To Know About Body Building ?

Women bodybuilding supplements – do you think we have written something wrong. No we haven’t. They do exist though a lot of myths are prevalent regarding the same. It is a myth that bodybuilding supplements make women bulkier. It must be understood here that a woman’s body is different from the man’s. So the results too received by consuming supplements are different. This should take away the stress from your mind. May be not in entirety. It still is capable of bringing some changes but those work in favor of women by enhancing their physical beauty.

Women need to be enlightened about the kind of supplements they can use and the impact of the same on their bodies. Read below to know more:

It stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone and is one of the best bodybuilding supplement for women. It is secreted by the adrenal glands in both men and women and is the most widely circulating hormone in a human body. It also gets converted into testosterone and estrogen. DHEA supplements increase energy levels, strength, muscle mass and decrease fat. DHEA makes it possible by increasing testosterone and insulin like growth factor-1 levels (IGF-1) in women. As the production of these hormones is natural and not induced, the supplement is safe. Women must take 100mg DHEA every day with meals.

The metal combines with Red Blood Cells and facilitates oxygen transport to the different parts of the body. It is also a part of various proteins and enzymes. While training intensively, iron levels drop in a woman’s body. This can result in fatigue and a weak immune system. In a French study, it was found that women who took 80 mg iron supplement felt 50% reduction in fatigue. Exercise decreases iron consumption by the body, so make sure you take it either hours before or hours after the workout. Over dosage of the metal can cause iron toxicity, so do check with your doctor before gulping one.

It is another bodybuilding supplement women must consume. As a core mineral needed for various important functions in the body, chief among them are bone health and muscle contraction. Women should not have it only for maintaining bones but for losing fats too. A research has found out the co-relation. According to it, if a woman takes a 500mg of calcium twice a day for three months, she will experience lesser bouts of fatigue, change in appetite and in depression too. But for consuming calcium, Vitamin D is important. Combine your calcium supplement with 500-2000 IU of Vitamin D.

It is the most extensively studied bodybuilding supplement. It is safe for use by women. Though creatine is present in our bodies but a higher amount is needed for building muscles/increase energy. When taken in supplement form, it increases phosphocreatine for use by the muscles. This implies that more ADP is present in the body and it can be converted into ATP. More energy helps in gaining more lean muscle and strength. Take it for 2-6 weeks and then discontinue for the same period of time to see the results. You may start again for 2-12 weeks if you haven’t reached your goals. Take 2-5 mg twice – before and after the workout.

Human body doesn’t produce it naturally but it is involved in various processes. The most useful function of arginine is raising nitric acid in the body. Nitric acid dilates blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels transport more fluids, more oxygen and more nutrients to the muscle tissues. This helps women in doing exercises with more energy and vigor. A study was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in 2008 on women athletes. According to it, those who took arginine supplements felt a reduction in body-fat and increased their lean muscle. Women can take 3-5 grams before breakfast, before sleeping and 30-45 minutes before working out.

4 Foods You Must Eat To Increase Testosterone

Foods you must eat to increase testosterone

For attaining higher muscle mass and stronger bones, you need higher testosterone levels. Not only this, testosterone is connected to higher libido, improved ability to learn and sports performance too. Unfortunately, our natural testosterone levels are not sufficient for this due to low calorie diet, bad habits like smoking cigarette or tobacco, alcohol and environmental factors such as lead, copper or metal welding smoke.

The good news is that one can combat all the above by including some special foods to increase testosterone levels in the body naturally.

1. Vitamin K

One of the functions of Vitamin K (menaquinone) is to enhance testosterone synthesizing enzyme activity. In a study on rodents, Vitamin K2 was found to stimulate testosterone production by activating protein kinase in the testicles and this takes place without stimulating Luteinizing hormone (LH). In addition to this, Vitamin K2 helps vitamin D absorption which is good for cardiovascular health (CVD).

How much should you take?

30-50 mg every day

Dietary sources of Vitamin K:

Fermented foods (natto, miso, khimchi, sauerkraut), butter oil, chicken and cow liver, egg yolks and fish eggs.

2. Magnesium

A lot of studies worldwide have found out that magnesium is good for increasing testosterone levels in the body. But this isn’t that easy because people tend to ignore it and do not get this from their diet naturally. As you age or due to low protein diet, amount of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) are on the rise and these bind to testosterone thus lowering its availability to the body. But magnesium is a food that raises testosterone by increasing its availability and this is due to testosterones favoring magnesium over SHBG.

How much should you take?

An adult male is suggested to take 750 mg daily for a couple of weeks to see the results.

Dietary sources of magnesium:

Fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, pollock, mackerel), dark green vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, bananas, raisins and avocados.

3. Zinc

Numerous studies have shown a close association of zinc and high testosterone levels. These studies found out that zinc enhances luteinizing hormone, a pituitary gland hormone which stimulates testosterone production. It also inhibits testosterone conversion into estrogen thus ensuring its bioavailability.

How much should you take?

40 mg daily. Taking more than this can hamper your body’s ability to absorb other minerals like copper. Nausea too may be experienced.

Dietary sources of Zinc:

Beef, pork, chicken, shellfish (lobsters, oysters, crabs, shrimp), dairy products, oatmeal, legumes, nuts and seeds.

4. Garlic

In a research, two groups of rats were fed on a high protein diet. Only one group was given garlic supplement. The latter showed higher levels of testosterone. Garlic increases testosterone by enhancing lutenizing hormone levels in the plasma. This stimulated testes to produce more testosterone. This is brought about by asdiallyl sulphide, a chemical present in garlic. The group of rats also had increased levels of nitrogen which means higher muscle growth.

How much should you take?

900 mg every day, not at once, but small dosages throughout the day.

These were some of the best foods to increase testosterone in men.

Best Body Building Diet Plan For Every Guy


Do you know what makes a bodybuilder go hard at the gym? Why is it said that a bodybuilder should focus on what he is eating? Isn’t it the training with those big machines that are responsible for the massive change? Well, it is partly true. But to workout, a person needs to have the energy and that energy is supplied by the foods they eat. Since it is not a regular activity, therefore the diet needs to be different.

The three main nutrients required for muscle building are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The best diet plan for bodybuilding should include six servings divided into pre-morning, morning, pre-lunch, lunch, pre-evening and evening meals. It must be remembered here that different individuals with different body types ( ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph) have different requirements and should be fulfilled accordingly.

Muscle building demands a lot of discipline in life. Hence, the best bodybuilding diet plan doesn’t approve of any processed foods, fats, sweets and other stuff that hinders your goal of achieving a ripped body.  Jazz up the efforts you have made with the right diet plan, exercise and recovery with – supplements. Pick the best muscle building foods and supplements which help you in getting the desired results quickly.

Body building diet plan for every guy

Are You Still Stuck With These Rehab Techniques?

Rehab Techniques

Most of us who are into an active life like to treat issues like strain, pain and others on our own. But this practice does more harm than good. One they do not provide any relief and second they amplify the problem than curing it. Do you want to know which techniques are we talking about? Read below and also learn why you should not try these rehab techniques.

Icing is one of the most common rehab techniques employed worldwide. There is no study or data that supports icing as an effective rehab method. Instead there are reports that suggest that its use is nothing but a useless activity. It blocks pain and delays healing of the injury. Then why do people still use it? This may be due to the fact that it takes away inflammation and reduces pain by numbing the area it is applied on. Due to this, using it for any acute muscle strain is like making things worse. The extreme temperatures are not good for the body, therefore icing is a passe’ and should be left alone immediately.

A lot of people suggest you “stretching” every time you pull a hamstring or any other muscle. And chances are that you may have listened and obeyed those people like an obedient student as well. But ask yourselves? Did this commonly practiced rehab technique helped you? Were you relieved of the pain? Ask a sports physio and he will tell you about the impact of static stretching on the human body. Physiologically, it is extremely difficult to lengthen a muscle under some sort of unwanted pain. Secondly, it is a neuromuscular action and should not be considered a mechanical injury. Stretching reduces muscle force in some muscles and henceforth reduces the performance.

Kinesio Tapes
It is no more than a fad. A trend that has caught up with a large number of sports persons worldwide just doesn’t help much. It is often used over the areas to ensure muscular toning, produce muscular force and improve joint positions. But its effectiveness is always questioned? The multi-colored tapes are something that has caught the fancy of other sportsmen as well compelling them to believe that the tapes are really good and enhance the performance but it is not so. It is nothing but a myth. It is one of the things that won’t last very long just like compression garments, toning shoes, sauna suits, salt tablets, ankle weights and salt tablets.

Foam Rolling
Foam rolling is not a very useful rehab technique. For instance, if you want to treat your IT band, it gets compressed into your quadriceps muscle. Repeated compression’s can lead to adhesion formations between the quadriceps and IT band. This will stop the IT bands from stretching and also restrict its capability to slide over the underlying muscles. This way foam rolling won’t help in getting any relief. The IT band remain tight and pose problems. The repetitive compression’s can also form new adhesion’s. Hence proved, foam rolling is not good.

In our next article, we will talk about the rehab techniques that should be done in place of the above.

Walking lunges – Walk your way to Stronger Legs

If you are bored of your routine leg workout, why not switch to lunges. And not just simple lunges, we are talking about walking lunges, wherein you can hold dumbbells in both the hands and carry out your workout.

There are plenty of variations that can be brought to this form of leg workout. The best thing about walking lunges is its ability to enhance balance and stability in your lower body and improve posture though it is targeted towards the thighs and hips.