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Myths & Reality Of Protein For Muscle Building- Infographic

Protein For Muscle Building

Do you think protein is for body builders? Does only fast digesting protein can build muscle? And how the best protein works for muscle growth? These are the questions that usually come in our mind. Protein alone cannot bulk for bodybuilders. As a part of strength training, protein can assist with building muscle. There are many sources of protein intake for muscle building that work.

This info-graphic will aware you from some myths and its reality of protein for muscle building.

Protein For Muscle Building

10 Best Muscle Building Supplements- Infographic

10 Best Muscle Building Supplements

For every youngster, fitness is the new trend. Though, when talking about sports like boxing and fighting, it’s all about muscle building. To have a muscular body you need to take muscle building supplements. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right pre-workout supplement.

Here is an infographic by XtremeNODirect that will help you to find best muscle building supplements as according to your body’s needs.

10 best muscle building supplements

10 best muscle building supplements

Muscle building supplements play an important role in your diet and in building muscle mass. in fact, will also help to repair and strengthen muscle tissues.

Remember, it’s all about being fit and healthy.


Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise To Help Female Bodybuilding- Video

barbell Bulgarian Split Squat

The barbell Bulgarian split squat is one of the toughest lower-body. It can also be one of the more difficult exercises for female bodybuilders. But is the best butt toning, strength workout for women. Bulgarian split squat requires no equipment, it’s simple enough for any beginner to perform. It can be done anywhere and comes with many fitness and health benefits.

This video by FemaleBodybuilding lets you how barbell Bulgarian split squat exercise is effective for female bodybuilders.

10 Minutes Arm Workout For Women To Tighten The Arm Jiggle- Video

arm workouts for women

We all have been there trying to tone our body with a total body tone up workout routine. How did that work out for you? Great, right? But, what about your arms? Often in the process to tone the whole body, it’s the arms that greatly suffer. But, not anymore! Since the summers are here and sculpted arms are always in season, get ready to the arm jiggle.

Here’s a 10-minute arm workout for women to tone the arms with an added focus on the triceps by POPSUGAR Fitness. Just grab a pair of three to five pounds of dumbbells, and get ready to bare arms.

Ab-Solution Workout Routine With Brett Hoebel– Video

Ab-Solution Workout

Summer is here! Most of us have even started working on our transition to get that impeccable set of six or eight pack abs that you might have always desired. In case not, Brett Hoebel will tell you in just 10-minutes ab-solution workout to make your whole body sweat. But, if you are someone who needs to weight huge amount of weights, you’ll require a strong central core and chest. Therefore, along with the core training, your body with the best chest workout routine will be the right way to go.

Watch this video by Self Magazine, that will tell you that as take more than just hard work and effort; it takes the appropriate strategy to get the job done.


5 Best Hip Stretching Exercises Before Lifting – Video

Hip Stretching Exercises

Almost without exception, tight hips are a physical liability among couch potatoes and gym rats alike. Thus, hip stretching exercises play a key role in every major sport as well as in the daily life of a person. To do it, there are various fitness hacks to make hip exercising easier and to get fitter, stronger, leaner or to just look good. Try these simple hip stretching exercises as an added tricks for more effective workouts.

In this video Men Fitness, will tells 5 best hip stretching exercises that you must try before lifting sport.

Full Body Workout – Tone Up At Home [Video]

Full Body Workout At Home

Toning your body at home is the most lucrative of all that one wants to do for a healthy, fit body unless you want a toned body like Kendall Jenner. In a busy life you are living you don’t have to join a gym and bear the hassle of traveling and of course the expense. Just grab a chair and get going. Start with your thighs, inner thighs and the butt. Keep glutes and abdomen tight while doing all these exercises to reap the benefits of the exercises being done one by one.

Watch this video by Katie Austin to know how exactly this full body workout can be done at home.

How The Best Protein Works For Muscle Growth? – Infographic

Best Protein For Muscle Growth

It’s almost everyone’s dream to have good protein for muscle building and to maintain a healthy physique.With so many options out there, there are many sources of protein intake for muscle building that really work.

Ever wondered how the protein works for muscle growth? In order to get an answer to this question, let’s take a look at this infographic by UKDiscountSupplements.
Best Protein For Muscle Growth

What are the sources of best protein for muscle growth? Here is the answer:

Well, chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products are said to be the source of the best protein for muscle growth. Whereas, for the vegetarians, their best options are eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, almonds, rice, tofu, beans and low-fat European style yogurt. Apart from the above-stated foods, protein based supplements are the ones specially formulated to build up your muscles and increase your strength.

Here’s The Best Way To Build Muscle Faster- Infographic

Best Way To Build Muscle

The best way to build muscle is not all about doing the best bodybuilding exercises. Though, it may seem as if, but on the contrary, it is a combination of the latter with a good diet plan and supplements. If what you’ve been doing at the moment have not been working, you’ll need to take a look at the basic principles of muscle building once again. Think about the mistakes you might have committed. If it was the way you trained or the food you had.

Best Way To Build Muscle

Changing your body needs a change in the lifestyle of a person, and that requires a high commitment level. If you want to take a step forward to bring about that change, here are a few tips by Skinny2Fit that will help you go a long way.

5 Reasons You Are Not Gaining Muscle Mass- Infographic

Not Gaining Muscle Mass

Are you not gaining muscle mass? Have you figured out why? Well, the answer lies in your actions. Just read them and you will know ‘Why”. One of them is that you are missing out on the benefits you can reap from compound lifts. Second, you are not eating enough. This is one of the worst diet mistakes for gaining muscle. Third, you are not paying attention to your post workout nutrition. Fourth, you are not having calorie-dense snacks handy.

There are a few more reasons, for more details on them, go through the infographic below by GymJunkies.

 not gaining muscle mass