Are You Still Stuck With These Rehab Techniques?

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Rehab Techniques

Most of us who are into an active life like to treat issues like strain, pain and others on our own. But this practice does more harm than good. One they do not provide any relief and second they amplify the problem than curing it. Do you want to know which techniques are we talking about? Read below and also learn why you should not try these rehab techniques.

Icing is one of the most common rehab techniques employed worldwide. There is no study or data that supports icing as an effective rehab method. Instead there are reports that suggest that its use is nothing but a useless activity. It blocks pain and delays healing of the injury. Then why do people still use it? This may be due to the fact that it takes away inflammation and reduces pain by numbing the area it is applied on. Due to this, using it for any acute muscle strain is like making things worse. The extreme temperatures are not good for the body, therefore icing is a passe’ and should be left alone immediately.

A lot of people suggest you “stretching” every time you pull a hamstring or any other muscle. And chances are that you may have listened and obeyed those people like an obedient student as well. But ask yourselves? Did this commonly practiced rehab technique helped you? Were you relieved of the pain? Ask a sports physio and he will tell you about the impact of static stretching on the human body. Physiologically, it is extremely difficult to lengthen a muscle under some sort of unwanted pain. Secondly, it is a neuromuscular action and should not be considered a mechanical injury. Stretching reduces muscle force in some muscles and henceforth reduces the performance.

Kinesio Tapes
It is no more than a fad. A trend that has caught up with a large number of sports persons worldwide just doesn’t help much. It is often used over the areas to ensure muscular toning, produce muscular force and improve joint positions. But its effectiveness is always questioned? The multi-colored tapes are something that has caught the fancy of other sportsmen as well compelling them to believe that the tapes are really good and enhance the performance but it is not so. It is nothing but a myth. It is one of the things that won’t last very long just like compression garments, toning shoes, sauna suits, salt tablets, ankle weights and salt tablets.

Foam Rolling
Foam rolling is not a very useful rehab technique. For instance, if you want to treat your IT band, it gets compressed into your quadriceps muscle. Repeated compression’s can lead to adhesion formations between the quadriceps and IT band. This will stop the IT bands from stretching and also restrict its capability to slide over the underlying muscles. This way foam rolling won’t help in getting any relief. The IT band remain tight and pose problems. The repetitive compression’s can also form new adhesion’s. Hence proved, foam rolling is not good.

In our next article, we will talk about the rehab techniques that should be done in place of the above.