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Leg Workout

Focusing the upper half of the body and ignoring the lower can leave your legs looking like chicken legs. You surely wouldn’t want anyone tease you with such names. Right? So, here is a workout that focuses on the lower part of the body to make it look beefy and in tandem with the upper part of the body. Try these leg workouts and let me know the changes you have experienced.

Walking Lunges With Dumbbells
Walking lunges with dumbbells

– It helps in the development of thigh muscles and makes your hips strong.
– Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart.
– Hold dumbbells in your hands.
– Take one step forward with one foot.
– Bring your knee as close to the ground as possible till it reaches a 90 degree angle with the ground
– Raise your body and bring back your foot and breathe out
– Do the same with the other foot
– Make at least 12 repetitions

A word of caution: To see whether you are doing it right or wrong, see that your knee stays at 90 degrees to the ankle when you lower your other knee towards the ground.

Calf Raises
Calf raises

These strengthen the calf muscles.

– Take a wooden block, stepper or anything which is about 2 inches higher than the ground
– Now hold dumbbells in both the hands and stand keeping your feet hip width apart
– Relax your arms
– Place the front part of your feet on the block while resting your heels on the block.
– Now pull your body weight up from the floor which means only your heels should be raised.
– Hold on to this position for a second
– Now lower your body
– Repeat this 10 -12 times

A word of caution: Keep your knees straight. You can bend them slightly when you stretch up.

Dumbbell Squats
Dumbbell squats

Squats help in toning both legs as well as the glutes.
– Hold dumbbells in your hands
– Keep your feet shoulder distance apart
– While holding those dumbbells, lower your body by bending your knees
– Breathe in as you bring your thighs parallel to the ground
– Hold on to this position for a second
– While breathing out, raise your body to the previous position
– Repeat this 10-12 times

A word of caution: Keep your breathing right to make this exercise effective.

Bench Step-ups
Bench Step-ups

It is a kind of compound exercise that works on various lower body muscles.
– Take a high rise bench or a high step
– Hold dumbbells in both the hands
– Now step up on the bench with the right leg.
– While the right foot rests on the bench, raise the left leg making a parallel angle with the left leg
– Now alter the leg. Bring the left leg on to the bench and raise your right leg
– Repeat this 20 times.

A word of caution: Keep your back straight and chest out

These help you have stronger, bigger legs. One has to keep patience while these exercises work on your body. But if you want quick results, use the best muscle builder supplements.