Full Body Warm Up Before Workout- [An Infographic]

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Body warm ups

Warm-up is never considered an important thing to start, but full-body warm-up is very essential before the workout. If we do a warm-up before a workout it helps our muscles and reduces your chance of injury. It’s important to increase blood flow during the warm-up to decrease the chance of tearing or pulling a muscle. During a workout, we can all go from zero to a hero and push hard but the safe way to train is to bring the body’s temperature up slowly and loosen up the muscles before we get to do anything serious. That’s what warm-ups are designed to do. Stretching, on the other hand, is done in order to improve overall flexibility. Once muscles have worked they are at their most compliant state and they let us stretch further than we normally would gaining more ground while we are at it. Few examples are:

  • If you are a runner, your best warm-up is a light jog.
  • If you are doing martial arts training a warm-up should also include a few light kicks and punches
  • If you are doing bodyweight workouts basic body (neck, arms, torso, legs) rotations will get your blood flowing.
  • If you are about to lift weights, do a few lifts with very light weights.

Check out the infographic below by “Greatist.com” and try out some full body warm-up workouts.

Find an enjoyable warm-up and remember to listen to your body’s cues. A warm-up is really very essential before a full-body workout, as it helps to open all the muscles in the body. Your warm-up should not fatigue you. After all, it’s only one aspect of the workout. And don’t forget to cool down at the end.