How To Reduce Body Fat But To Keep Muscle Mass- Infographic

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How To Reduce Body Fat

People always talk about how to reduce body fat. In fact, it does sound so simple and easy to reduce it while retaining the muscle mass, right? But, what they never do is talk about what makes it simple. Are we doing the right exercises, taking our diet and supplements in a right way?
Well, this infographic by GymJunkies, tells you how to reduce body fat while keeping as much muscle mass as possible:

Reduce body fat
There are many ways to stay fit, but the best way is to balance the energy consumed to the energy utilized (in other words calories eaten should be equal to the calories burned). Therefore, it becomes of grave importance to add the right amount of nutritious food to the diet, but along with the right exercise required to burn calories to get rid of unwanted fat. So, are you up for a challenge?


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