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Masters your muscles

A workout is incomplete, if it is not focused on each and every muscle group of the body. There are 600 muscles in our body and training every muscle group in a single workout is not possible or practical, therefore, incorporate only the best and right techniques. Target forearms, upper back, shoulders, middle back, abdominal, chest and biceps, calf and hamstring group muscles to ensure an all-round development of the muscles.

For more information regarding various types of workouts, go through the info-graphic below.

Master Your Muscles

Different muscle groups require different workouts such as: for forearms: farmers’ walk and towel pull, for shoulder muscles: dumbbell press and dumbbell raises, for chest enlargement: bench press and weighted dips, for hamstring muscles: lying leg curls and so on. The workout not only helps you build and maintain muscles, bones and joints, but it also strengthens and boosts the immune system, improves mental acuity, and above all reduces the risk of injuries.

Optimize your workout in such a way that it boosts your physical strength and increase muscle growth. At the end of the workout, do stretch your body to enhance calorie-burn while relaxing your muscles. The workout is an effective way to gain confidence and feel positive about life. Just 30 to 60 minutes of workout every day is enough to get on the fitness track.