How Nitric Oxide (NO) Helps In Getting Ripped Muscles

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Nitric Oxide (NO) Helps In Getting Ripped Muscles

ExtremeNo is loaded with L-arginine, on of the 20 essential amino acids needed by the body to synthesize proteins. It is the one that causes an upsurge in the nitric acid levels in the body to help it transport oxygen to the muscle tissues and make muscles strong, gain more strength and also get a ripped body. ExtremoNo contains L-arginine in the right amount and thus it becomes the most suitable supplement for all the budding bodybuilders and other athletes too.

What is the significance of Nitric Oxide (NO) for muscles building and what does it do?

Nitric acid has been studied extensively and found to benefit athletes immensely in boosting their performance. This is perhaps the reason that it has been added to a lot of health supplements in some form including XtremeNo. Wanna know more, read further:

NO Increases Rate Of Recovery

For a quick recovery, it is extremely important that the muscle tissues receive plenty of nutrients. Nitric acid does exactly that. It enhances blood flow towards the tissues by relaxing the smooth muscles. This allows more oxygen to reach the working muscles. This leads to rapid recovery and allows one to workout more frequently and develop muscles faster.

NO Fights Off Fatigue Efficiently

It is a normal symptom felt after working out. Nitric acid helps in fighting it effectively. As the muscles are worked out, the body becomes deficient of oxygen and lactic acid starts building up thus making one tired and feeling low. Due to the NO supplement, more oxygen reaches the muscle tissues, reduces lactic acid accumulation and hence reduces fatigue.

NO Improves Endurance

An athlete who wants to raise his endurance levels, nitric acid supplement is what he needs the most. The supplement is not just for the ones who want to enhance strength, but also for the ones who wish to improve their endurance performance. This is so as the latter too depends on the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissues. A sustained flow of oxygen helps in doing the activity without feeling tired. At higher altitudes, as the oxygen deficiency is common, it becomes even more important.

NO Makes Feel Energized 24/7

When the blood flow is right, it enables the body to maintain its temperature. Body temperature holds great importance during a workout. It rises during a workout and must be cooled down in the interest of the tissues. Proper blood flow makes it possible. This also implies that lesser energy is needed to maintain body temperature when working out and one can concentrate on the training without feeling low.

NO Makes Glucose Absorption Better

In a study by an American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, it was noticed that those who took nitric acid supplement had a higher rate of glucose uptake by the muscles as the exercise regime continued. It is good for people who wish to lose body fat as it promotes fat burn by increasing nonesterified fatty acid concentration and glycerol in the body.

Extra Muscle Pump

XtremeNo makes you have tight muscles after you complete an intense workout on triceps and biceps. You will have this for a longer version of time. Muscle pumps are resultant of higher blood flow to the muscle tissues which can happen only due to the nitric acid supplement.

XtremeNo boosts nitric acid levels in the body in the right amount.