The Perfect 5:2 Diet Plan Under 100 Calories- Infographic

Perfect 5-2 Diet plan Under 100 calories

No doubt, fast days are the hardest days, but they don’t have to be food-free days. There are many foods to consume for essential 100 calories on the fast days. The 5:2 diet was originated with the same concept of 2 fast days and 5 normal eating days. Yet, it’s difficult to survive on just 100 calories all day. But the 5:2 diet plan is covered with all healthy and nutritious meals that wouldn’t make your fast days scary.

Calories work as a fuel by providing energy and strength to body and. Especially during workouts, we can’t deny its value. Here is the list of some muscle builder high-calorie foods for the guys having different amounts of fat, carbs and protein to achieve the fit body goals.

 5 2 diet plan