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Bodybuilding Diet

Do you know what makes a bodybuilder go hard at the gym? Why is it said that a beginner who just started muscle building should focus on what he is eating and what his meal plan is?

Isn’t it just the gym training with those big machines that are responsible for the massive changes?

Well, it is partly true. But before starting working out, you need to have the energy & enough protein and that is supplied by the foods you’ll eat. Since it is not a regular activity, therefore the diet needs to be different.

Bodybuilding diet plan for a beginner

Bodybuilding is extremely difficult, there’s no doubt about that, but if done correctly, it can be one of the most enjoying and rewarding experience.

It is believed that the toughest part about bodybuilding for a beginner is going to be the training, in reality, it is one of the easiest parts. The toughest part is choosing what to eat and planning an effective diet chart.

The nutrition chart of a beginner’s diet plan should be balanced on the following points:

  • Follow 6-meals a day plan
  • Make balanced use of the Carbohydrates 
  • Choose lean protein sources e.g. Fish, beef, chicken low-fat dairy products, and soy.  
  • Discard or limit the intake of processed foods 
  • Keep yourself Hydrated

The Best Bodybuilding Meal Plan For Every Man

The three main nutrients required for muscle building are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The best diet plan for bodybuilding should include six servings divided into pre-morning, morning, pre-lunch, lunch, pre-evening and evening meals.

Breakfast Should Be The Biggest Meal Of The Day

Begin your day with a protein-rich breakfast. Eggs and oats are a good option to start with. Gradually mix the breakfast diet with a vegetable-packed omelet, boiled eggs on toast, or a bacon sandwich on whole-grain bread.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Greek yogurt mixed with almond butter and some chopped banana perfect for the rush hours of Monday mornings.

Calorie & Protein-Packed Lunches

Opt for a calorie- and protein-packed healthy lunch. Brown rice with veggies and a piece of baked salmon offers a good combination.

Salmon lunch recipe

Salmon lunch recipe

Include ground beef or chicken with pasta and broccoli in the lunch routine on alternate days.

The Dinners Diet

One Chicken breast with yam, corn, and carrots is a perfect fit for a healthy and nutritious dinner. If you are a vegan, lentils with brown rice and vegetable will provide as much protein and nutrition as the non-vegan diet.

Chicken breast with broccoli

Chicken breast with broccoli


7 days bodybuilding meal plan

7 days bodybuilding meal plan

7 days bodybuilding meal plan

Day #1

Diet: Breakfast should include either wholemeal toast or oats and eggs, Soup for lunch and salad with protein for dinner (egg or fish).

Day #2

Diet: Same as the First day.

Day #3

Diet: Limit calories as much as possible, do eat some carbohydrates at least an hour before the workout sessions and again after the session. A small snack, such as a banana, a slice of brown bread or a couple of oranges.

Day #4

Diet: Proteins rich foods to help muscle recovery. Limit carbohydrates intake. Eggs for breakfast, then a salad with plenty of chicken, fish, pork, etc.

Day #5

Diet: Similar to the third day – fewer calories to help fat reduction.

Day #6

Diet: As the first day

Day #7

Diet: Keep your meals small and lean, high in protein.

It must be remembered here that different individuals with different body types (ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph) have different requirements and should be fulfilled accordingly. Please review this infographic for more pieces of information:

Muscle building demands a lot of discipline in life. Hence, the best bodybuilding diet plan doesn’t approve of any processed foods, fats, sweets and other stuff that hinders your goal of achieving a ripped body.  Jazz up the efforts you have made with the right diet plan, exercise and recovery with muscle building supplements. Pick the best muscle building foods and supplements which help you in getting the desired results quickly.


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