5 Types of People You’ll Only See At The Public Gym

types of gym people

We always expect to get along smoothly with other fitness freaks. But meanwhile we definitely found something strange in every gym commercial. The common things are – treadmills, free weights, and a strange dude who wears jeans to get his fitness on. Not only that, it’s obvious to see a beauty queen having more makeup than you’d wear on your wedding day, a serious chatter whose actual workout is done through the mouth and especially the one wearing tank tops, short shorts having more muscles from head to toe than between the ears. To see more such types of gym people, watch this:


  • The Stereotypical Gym Bro
    A gym wouldn’t be a gym without at least one guy wearing a cutoff shirt, shorts and with huge muscles.

Caked-On Makeup

  • The Girl With Caked-On Makeup
    Beauty queen having more makeup than you’d wear on your wedding day

The Fit Couple

  • The Fit Couple
    The couple that sweats together, stays together.

Mirror Selfie at gym

  • The Mirror Selfie Advocate
    You know how you see those gym-bragging posts on Facebook? Because of this person.

Newby at gym

  • The Newby
    “Cool! What does this machine do?”

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