Warm- Up Exercises To Protect The Back – [An Infographic]

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Warm--Up Exercises

A thorough warm-up exercise is one of the crucial parts in maintaining a healthy back. Warn up is the first task to do before starting the workout. All it takes is five minutes to give your spine a proper warm-up, preparing it for the cardio or weightlifting workout ahead. You first heard it from your gym teacher and Then from your coach in school and even from your personal trainer: Don’t skip the warm-up. Each time, you listened patiently and nodded. And then, a few days later, you went back again and skipped the warm-up.

Exercises which can be done during warn ups are as follows:

1. Egg roll
2. Foam Roller Back Extension
3. Toe Touch
4. Rock-Back Rotation
5. Ladders

Check out the infographic below by “Positivehealthwellness.com” to know more.


Most warm-ups don’t take very long, just five minutes tops. To derive the maximum benefit out of it a warm-up exercise should target the same area you will be engaging during the main workout and today we shall be seeing some warm-up exercises for the back.

The best part about these exercises is that they are along the same lines as the various yoga asanas. If anyone is suffering from serious back pain they can definitely try out some asanas. Yoga for back pain is considered the safest and good in every way. MUST TRY ONCE!!