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High energy healthy food list

The high energy foods are rich in energy-yielding nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Such foods have a high calorific value and they replenish the energy levels in the quickest possible time.

The High Energy foods for all-day energy

Exercise is key to staying healthy is well known, but it is an energy-draining task as well. Normal foods take a long time to replenish the drained body juice after the workouts.

The concentrated carbs, proteins and amino acids in the food recipes will provide energy to the muscles in the quickest way possible. In fact, dietary supplements complement regular food.

Best foods for muscle growth

Best foods for muscle growth

Energy boosting food chart

The given infographic by Fix.com has a complete list of all energy giving food for pre and post-workout energy recovery. enrergy giving food

Eat smaller meals after regular intervals

When you take larger meals after a long interval, the nervous system sends signals to your body to slow down and digest the incoming food. The more food you put in – the harder your digestive system has to work and more lethargic you become.

If your food has a large amount of sugar and carbohydrate,  your brain has to deal with an increased level of insulin, serotonin, and melatonin – chemicals associated with drowsiness.

Never Skip Breakfast

It has been scientifically proven that breakfast-eaters are found to have lower rates of heart disease.

It’s been proven that going more than five hours without food is completely unhealthy. Hunger overwhelms the senses, which leads to going for a quick fix & hitting the fast food.

The perfect 5:2 diet plan under 100 calories could be your next meal to balance the body with nutrition & building muscles in a quick time.