Practice Smart Fitness: Don’t Follow the Myths About Bodybuilding Nutrition – Video

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Don’t Follow the Myths About Bodybuilding Nutrition

Regardless of the various progressions in nutrition research, so many individuals are still sticking to old, obsolete ideas. Are you one of them? When it comes to nutrition, false or misdirecting information seems to be everywhere. For instance, If you will start a discussion with a stranger—or even a friend or family member— you will get to know how eating fat makes you fat. A lot of protein, obviously, will kill you deader than a ribeye. Also, egg yolks are the devil in your food.

Below is the video by Sean Nalewanyj which debunked all the myths about the bodybuilding nutrition which really affect people and direct them to a wrong direction. Have a look at the video below:

The worst part is that there are plenty of nutrition “experts” making these claims. Even in mainstream media where millions take their statement as gospel! Thus, it can be really hard to figure out what’s good and what’s simply a group of drivel.

Frankly, no one other than you know what is better for you. Although someone to guide you is always a plus point.


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