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Chest workouts are mostly neglected by both men and women. Apart from strengthening the chest area, chest muscles will also help in strengthening the rest connected muscles like arms and back muscles, in addition to improving your posture.

Chest exercises are most effective in expanding lift to your bust and regain the shape and preventing sagging.

The problem lies in targeting this critical part of your upper body.

Try these chest and back stretching exercises for flexibility. Get your body ready for tank top season. For more information about the chest and back workout view the Infographic given below by

Chest & Back Workout Routines

Here are the 6 gratifying chest workouts for women that you can try at the gym or home.

1. Camel pose

Camel Pose is a kneeling back-bending posture in modern yoga. It is being followed in normal routine workouts as well.

Camel pose for women

Camel pose

2. Barbell Bench press

It is the typical exercise for building strength in the chest and gaining muscle mass.

Barbell bench press for woman

Barbell bench press

3. Decline Push-ups

The decline push-up is an upper body workout that requires a fair amount of strength and stability. This exercise targets the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, and arms.

Decline push-ups for women

Decline push-ups

4. Chest Flyes

A fly is a strength training exercise in which the hand and arm move through an arc while the elbow is kept at a constant angle. Flies are used to work the muscles of the upper body.

Women doing Dumbbell fly

Dumbbell fly

5. Triceps Dips

A basic bodyweight exercise, triceps dips don’t require much equipment: if you don’t have a bench, you can always do them on the ground.

Triceps dips for women

Triceps dips

6. Triangle Pushup

All push-ups use the triceps muscles for support, but the triangle push-ups change their role from supporter to the prime mover. Along with the triceps, many of the muscles of the upper body and the core work to push you up and down in this challenging move

Triangle Push Up

Triangle Push Up