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Before you begin a fitness routine, it is important to know about the muscle building laws. Yes, there are some laws which help in planning a workout routine and achieve the desired goal. But the most important of them is “Train to Gain”.

Before you hit the weights, learn all the points under this law::


Training intensity refers to the number of repetitions at a given resistance. Generally people are guided to do 6-12 reps, in order to maximise the hypertrophic process..

Volume for victory

Volume training refers to the workout you are doing in a given period of time. For a specific muscle group, at least 12 sets or more per week are recommended.


It refers to how often one is training a particular muscle group. Split your routine for a particular muscle group more than once a week for a greater volume.

Tempo 4

It is how rapidly the weights are moving during the concentric and eccentric contractions. Varying tempo is one of the best ways to achieve greater strength and bigger muscle size.

The last point is REST

Go through the video below to learn more about these points in detail.