A Guide To Help You Keep Your Feet Healthy

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We all have heard that diabetes can lead to foot problems. It can be tempting to ignore your feet, especially if they’re feeling fine. But when your feet are fine is exactly the right time to head off problems.

Diabetes can be hard on the feet over time because high blood glucose levels may lead to nerve damage. Nerve damage can make your feet insensate. So you may not feel a small cut or a tight-fitting shoe that can lead to blisters, or other wounds. Such wounds can get infected easily and be slow to heal, especially if you have high blood sugar levels and poor blood flow in your feet and leg. Let us take help of infographic to know more in a better way:

Things to remember:

. Moisturize- Avoid dry skin and use thick moisturizer on your feet.
. Wear shoes that fit your feet and don’t go barefoot- Do not wear tight shoes. You may need diabetic shoes and diabetic socks if you have diabetic problems. Because wearing shoes that rub or pinch makes it more likely for a blister or wound to form.
. Show your feet to your health care (Doctor) provider at every office visit- We recommend you to perform foot exam annually