Try This Total Body Tone Up Workout Routine [Infographic]

total body tone up

Finally, we’ve found a solid set of total body tone up moves to help you get in shape and feel confident. This routine is all about defining your total body tone up, sculpting every inch from head to toe. You’re going to […]

How To Reduce Body Fat But To Keep Muscle Mass- Infographic

How To Reduce Body Fat

People always talk about how to reduce body fat. In fact, it does sound so simple and easy to reduce it while retaining the muscle mass, right? But, what they never do is talk about what makes it simple. Are we […]

Know What Should Be The Breakfast Choices for Bodybuilders- Infographic

breakfast for bodybuilders

Every morning is an opportunity to start the day with great nutritional choices for bodybuilders. Besides post-workout, breakfast is really the time where your body craves fuel. Wondering what to grab on your breakfast plate! This infographic by Scripps will help […]

14 Foods That Contain Zinc Are Actually Worth Trying- Infographic

foods that contain zinc

Do you know, it is important to have 15mg zinc food in your daily meal. You heard it right! It helps in maintaining a sense of smell, keeping a healthy immune system, triggering enzymes, and creating DNA. Additionally, adequate zinc is required in bodybuilding diet for […]

20 Best Plant Based Protein To Rock Your World – Infographic

best plant based protein

Protein in your diet plays an important role to have a perfect body. Most fitness conscious people have a different story to tell about how they fulfil their high protein requirements. Examples of foods high in protein for a nonvegetarian include eggs, […]

Tone-Up Your Arms With This Amazing No Equipment Workout Routine- An Infographic

no equipment arm workout

Upper-body exercises involve workout with heavy barbells and dumbbells. But there are plenty of effective workouts to get desired arm that too without equipment. Your body weight is itself a right equipment that you can use to build up your arm muscles […]

5 Types of People You’ll Only See At The Public Gym

types of gym people

We always expect to get along smoothly with other fitness freaks. But meanwhile we definitely found something strange in every gym commercial. The common things are – treadmills, free weights, and a strange dude who wears jeans to get his fitness […]

Tone It Up With Healthy Blender Recipes This Holiday Season- Video

Healthy Blender Recipes

Making just a quite few changes in your lifestyle can help you to live longer and healthy. These changes are required to be made whether in terms of habits, hygiene, daily routine or food recipes. But over here we are talking […]

Natural Protein For Muscle Building to Maintain a Healthy Physique – An Infographic

protein for muscle

It’s almost everyone’s dream to get a healthy and maintained physique. They seek out for a healthy diet and the essentials that could give them best body results.  During a workout, there is equal importance of  protein for muscle building just […]

Everyday Ways To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Everyday Ways To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be really daunting. But, actually it’s not, if we just try to shift over […]

Ultimate Post- Workout And Essential Muscle Recovery Guide– An Infographic

muscle recovery foods

If you’ve worked hard and have reached a new level of strength but the muscle protein is broken down due to prolonged or high intensity workout, this guide is for you. Broken muscles make recovery foods important in helping it to […]

How To Build Muscles With Dumbbells- An Infographic

How To Build Muscles With Dumbbells

Got a pair of dumbbells? If yes, they can help you build the muscles you’ve always wanted! With Andy Speer’s ultimate dumbbell circuit workout, you’ll get ripped, gain strength as well as build muscle with dumbells. Just don’t let go until […]

Know What Carbs Matter For Bodybuilding – An Infographic

carbs for bodybuilding

Are carbs good for building muscle? The answer is yes! Carbs make up an important part of the muscle building diet plan. The key is to pick the right ones, and then manipulate the starchy carbs based on goals and body […]

16 Tips To Lose Belly Fat In A Much Less Stressful Way- An Infographic

Tips To Lose Belly Fat

People believe spending hours in gym is enough to win the battle against their belly bulge. Well, this is pretty much useless without a proper plan. Having the flat belly of your dreams requires doing regular workouts and no mistakes with diet. […]

10 Food With The Exercise Required To Burn Off Its Calories- Infographic

exercises to burn calories

There’s a very known equation in fitness industry i.e. calories eaten = calories burned (in other words, energy in = energy out). So, yes, it is important to add suitable and nutritious food in diet along with exercise to burn off […]

7 Best Apps For Fitness That You Must Have On Your Phone- Video

best fitness apps

Do you know fitness apps can help you to lose weight easily? Yes, definitely if you are looking out to increase your workout strategy then these fitness apps will really help you out. Here is a video by CarlyRowena giving you an […]

Make Your 2017 Better Than Ever With This Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Guide – infographic

pre and post workout nutrition

Get grooving this new year with a proper clean-up fitness schedule whether in a gym, at home or at a outer dining place. All this chatter over here concerns the best pre and post workout nutrition for women, friends, family, trainers, […]

How To Stay Fit and Healthy During The Holidays in 2016 – Video


The 2016 holidays are almost there and with this a healthy schedule requirement proves to be the biggest challenge. How to Stay fit during the holidays is the biggest milestone for a health and fitness cautious individual. There are some tricks […]

Essential Components Of Healthy Lifestyle To Live Life Better

Essential Components Of Healthy Lifestyle To Live Life Better

Our lifestyle is the way we live. It is composed of: what we drink, what we eat, level of exercise, qulaity of sleep,tricks to manage stress and how well we adapt a stressful situation. According to a recent study, only few […]

Best Stretching Exercises You Must Try At Your Office Desk

Best Stretching Exercises You Must Try At Your Office Desk

It might be embarrassing doing stretching exercises at your desk. But right now, you are doing one of the worst things to your body- you are sitting still. Sitting all day puts you at risk of back pain, tense muscles, leg […]

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